David Bardos

David has been practising and teaching martial arts and reality based self-defence systems for more than 28 years. He manages and teaches three martial arts and self-defence schools in Australia

  • Armd – Instructing on personal safety and Reality Based Self-Defence (RBSD) programs
  • Riverina Arnis Association (RAA) – Instructing the Philippine Martial Arts of Arnis/Eskrima/Kali (weapons based)
  • Aikido WaggaInstructing the Japanese Martial Art of Aikido

David dedicates his time and resources to keep the community safe by providing personal protection and self-defence classes. He is an anti-domestic violence campaigner and is an advocate for social changes.

David has conducted self-defence programs to various schools and universities, corporate and private organisations, government agencies and community groups.

David believes that there is a gap in the social justice system when it comes to violence against women. He believes that one of the best ways to address the issue is to equip participants with the right tools to address violence through personal self-defence.  Prevention is paramount and ARMD Riverina stands firm in the motto of “The best investment you can make is in yourself”.

David has been active with the local community for several years being a Committee for Wagga Board member, Past President of a local Rotary Club and is the current President of PCYC Wagga. He is also a member of the Charles Sturt University Regional Consultative Committee.